Sad Eyes
Blind Embrace

Tijuana Layne
Ms. Layne is an independent artist, actor, writer, producer.
Her focus is on the development and production of film at
She can give opportunity to other people of color in the film industry.
She can be reached through the three eagles productions website's contact form

S y n o p s i s for Swimming in Vanilla Dreams

It is a time in the future where being of mixed race is against the law. It is a time when being different means a death sentence, a time when an individual’s power lies within the soul. It is a time of eagles.

The borders of the south have now been economically engulfed by one nation, the Great North American Federation of States. The year is 2051; we have now inherited a society of exclusion, isolation and hate. Blacks are segregated from society as one woman of mixed race lives in a white world believing she is secure and protected. Due to circumstance, she finds herself in the Black world where she is found out and suffers the consequences of being different. She is given the wisdom of Eagles ultimately finding her own spirit , her own identity: she stands alone, apart from a world that saw her as invisible.