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picture of beach scene couple S y n o p s i s for The Color of the Heart

A biracial woman who deals with her ambiguous racial identity, and the unknown secret in her family's past, within society's narrow boxes of acceptance.

Upon meeting a Caucasian man from a small-town history with his own biases and prejudices, who falls in love with her under the assumption she is white, she then is sent on an emotional roller coaster.

Struggling with the internal battle between the love for her brother and the love for herself, she finds strength in loving another person, and both discover that there is only one color of the heart.

picture of Tijuana Layne S y n o p s i s for Sad Eyes

The life of a mixed-European and African heritage woman takes on a whole new meaning when her well-adjusted, middle class world is shattered as a result of a tragic accident. Brutally snatched from her, are the lives of the only two people she cares about, her husband and child. Left alone to face the tattered fragments of her old world, Sad Eyes withdraws into a self-induced isolation, losing herself in a vicious cycle of self-blame and abuse. In a futile attempt to obliterate the nightmare of this inescapable tragedy from memory, she drowns her rage, pain and self- hatred in alcohol.

In her fractured, fragmented state, Sad Eyes encounters the Russian, a man who unknowingly to her is heavily involved in the human Trafficking Trade. They connect through mutual personal loss and fall in love. As their Love and trust grows, greed and betrayal resurface as Comrade, an Eastern European crime lord, uses Sad Eyes as a tool to destroy the Russian.

Sad Eyes is once again thrown into an emotional roller coaster, where she is forced to question her love, courage and strength, confronting her past present and future, once and for all.

Ultimately Sad Eyes is the story of hope midst tragedy and loss.

Written by:
Tijuana Layne
Three Eagles Productions

picture of Swimming in Vanilla Dreams Couple S y n o p s i s for Swimming in Vanilla Dreams

It is a time in the future where being of mixed race is against the law. It is a time when being different means a death sentence, a time when an individual’s power lies within the soul. It is a time of eagles.

The borders of the south have now been economically engulfed by one nation, the Great North American Federation of States. The year is 2051; we have now inherited a society of exclusion, isolation and hate. Blacks are segregated from society as one woman of mixed race lives in a white world believing she is secure and protected. Due to circumstance, she finds herself in the Black world where she is found out and suffers the consequences of being different. She is given the wisdom of Eagles ultimately finding her own spirit, her own identity: she stands alone, apart from a world that saw her as invisible.

Written by:
Tijuana Layne
Three Eagles Productions